Thursday, April 30, 2009

Making Molehills Out of Mountains

Yes yes, I realize the idiom is reversed, but that was the idea.
There is much on the plate here at Not Rock, a few things on the back burner, and sadly, a couple of old projects out in the smokehouse with grandpa. Expect an outpour of output in the coming months.
We hope to have those plates cleaned as soon as possible; the dessert cart is looking incredibly delicious but house rules are house rules.

If you haven't yet checked out the trailer for John Fisher's "The Fallout Chronicles", by all means close the brower tab with naughty naughts and head on over here to get a gander. It's always best to get in on the groundfloor when something's destined to zoom to the stars.

has some shows coming up and you'd be wise to be in attendance. Why? Well because your ears are on their knees, begging; and you wouldn't want to let down your ears, would you?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bryan George

Bryan George (of Graystone and Do Nothing Machine fame) is a brilliant songwriter and you should take into your ears what he puts out of his guitar.

I enlisted to record a song for him this past Sunday. It's called "Can't See You" and he posted the rough mix over on his myspace page and I was hoping some of you folks might check it out. And while you're there listen to the other tunes; I’ll bet you a coke they'll make your heart smile.

This kid’s got chops and I like that a heck of a lot :-)