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This is the place to get all things NotRock.  On this page you will find every record released throughout NotRock Records' ongoing history, the availability of each release, and options on how to obtain physical or digital copies. Thank you for your support.

NR-057 NotRock Holiday Compilation Volume: IX (16 Songs) 

Released: 12/08/17 on CD & Digital


NR-056 Please Exist: Let The Nighttime Live EP (5 Songs) Released: 8/04/17 on CD & Digital 

NR-055 NotRock Holiday Compilation Volume: VIII (20 Songs) 

Released: 12/07/16 on CD & Digital 
Digital Download

NR-054 Eric K: The Second EP (4 Songs)

Released: 10/25/16 Digitally 
Digital Download 

 NR-053 Hides A Well: Small Town Museums (10 songs)

Released: 12/26/2015 Digitally 





NR-052 NotRock Holiday Compilation Volume: VII (20 Songs)
Released: 12/01/15 on CD & Digital 


NR-051 Hides A Well: Another Failure (8 songs)

Released: 6/27/2015 Digitally Digital Download 

NR-050 Please Exist: Slow Dance To The Apocalypse (12 Song CD)
Released: 9/08/17 on CD & Digital
Digital Download

NR-049 Please Exist: Dominic / Good Morning Goodbye (2 Songs)

Released: 09/16/19 on CD & Digital 

NR-048 The Parliament Of Owls: Dreams On Fire (10 Songs)
Released: 4/17/15 on CD & Digital

NR-047 NotRock Holiday Compilation Volume: VI (20 Songs) 
Released: 12/01/14 on CD & Digital

NR-046 Hides A Well: Broken Umbrellas (4 Songs)
Released: 11/08/14 Digitally 
Digital Download

NR-045 NotRock Holiday Compilation Volume: V (13 Songs)
Released: 12/01/13 on CD & Digital
Digital Download
NR-044 Human Dosage Factor: "Boned" EP (6 Songs)
Released: 10/12/2013 on CD & Digital 
Digital Download

NR-043 Hides A Well: Temporary Tattoos EP (4 Songs)
Released: 2/20/2014 on CD & Digital
Digital Download

NR-042 NotRock Sampler Volume: IV (45 songs)
Released: 3/29/2014 on 2-Disc CD & Digital
Digital Download Part One
Digital Download Part Two

NR-041 Disseriph / Hides A Well Split Ukulele EP (4 Songs)
Released: 12/29/2013 Digitally 

NR-040 Insouciant: Variable Resistor (5 Songs)
Released: 6/20/2013 Digitally
Digital Download

NR-039 Please Exist: Let The Daytime Die EP (4 Songs)
Released: 3/15/2013 on CD & Digital 
Digital Download

NR-038 NotRock Holiday Compilation Volume: IV (24 Songs)
Released: 12/02/2012 on CD & Digital
Digital Download
NR-037 Hides A Well: From A Safe Distance (10 Songs)
Released: 9/01/2003 on CD & Digital 
Digital Download

NR-036 Insouciant: Untitled (10 Songs)
Not Yet Released.

NR-035 Khantra: Self-Titled Tenth Anniversary Edition (16 Songs)
Released: 4/13/2012 Digitally  

NR-034 J.T.F. (5 Songs)
Released: ??/??/??

NR-033 Feu de Joie: Love Song (1 Song)
Released: 3/16/2012 Digitally 

NR-032 NotRock Holiday Compilation Volume: III (22 Songs)
Released: 12/01/2011 on CD & Digital 
Digital Download

NR-031 NotRock Sampler Volume: III (30 Songs) 
Released: 7/30/2011 on 2-Disc CD & Digital
$6 Special Edition, $3 Regular Edition

Choose Edition
Digital Download Part 1 Digital Download Part 2

NR-030 Please Exist: I wish you well EP (4 Songs)
Not Yet Released Currently Unavailable

 NR-029 Please Exist: When Superhero's Burn Their Capes (12 Songs)
 Not Yet Released Currently Unavailable

NR-028 Bryan Kwasnik: Get Through The Night (10 Songs)
Released: 11/29/2010 on CD & Digital 
Digital Download

NR-027 Bryan Kwasnik: Some Things Are Important (10 Songs)
Released: 7/30/2010 on CD & Digital
Digital Download

NR-026 Insouciant: Dresser (7 Songs)
Released: 5/17/2010 on CD (OOP) & Digital
Digital Download

NR-025 NotRock Holiday Compilation Volume:II (12 Songs)
Released: 12/10/2010 on CD & Digital 
Digital Download

NR-024 Insouciant: Search Party (11 Songs)
Released: 2/01/2009 on CD (OOP)
Digital Download

NR-023 Insouciant: Fall (10 Songs)
Released: 2/01/2009 on CD 
Digital Download

NR-022 Feu De Joie: Protostar (9 Songs)
Released: 11/09/2006 on CD
Digital Download

NR-021 Graystone: The Harm (15 Songs)
Released: October 2005 on CD
Digital Download

NR-020 The Do Nothing Machine: Anthology (14 Songs)
Released: January 2012 Digitally 

NR-019 Sugar & Razorblades
(10 Songs)
Released: 10/31/20 Digitally 

NR-018 Insouciant: Circle Arrow E.P. (3 Songs)
Released: January 2004 on CD (OOP)

NR-017 Khantra: The Red Album (11 Songs)
Released: 6/27/2004 on CD 
Digital Download

NR-016 Adzam: Medics & Metics (10 Songs)
Released: July 2004 on CD (OOP)

NR-015 Graystone: Tunnel Light E.P. (6 Songs)
Released: January 2004 on CD (OOP)

NR-014 Emphasis: Self-Titled (6 Songs)
Released: 1/15/2003 on CD

NR-013 deaf. (10 Songs)
Released: July 2003 on 2 Mini CD's In A Small Box Of Goodies) 
Digital Download Chapter 1 Chapter 2

NR-012 NotRock Holiday Compilation (17 Songs)
Released: 12/01/2009 on CD 
Digital Download

NR-011 Letterbox: Don't Wait For Tomorrow E.P. (6 songs)
Released: August 2002 on CD (OOP)

NR-010 Insouciant: Self-Titled LP (8 Songs)
Released: June 2003 on CD (OOP)

NR-009 NotRock Sampler Volume: II (17 Songs)
Released: 7/30/2003 on CD 

NR-008 Graystone: Self-Titled E.P. (4 Songs)
Released: August 2003 on CD (OOP)
Digital Download

NR-007 The Do Nothing Machine: Self-Titled (12 Songs)
Released: 7/20/2003 on CD (OOP)
Digital Download

NR-006 The Do Nothing Machine: Mechanical Daydream (8 Songs)
Released: 2/13/2002 on CD (OOP)

NR-005 Khantra: Self-Titled (9 Songs) 
Released: January 2002 on CD

NR-004 Insouciant: Self-Titled E.P. (7 Songs)
Released: June 2001 on CD (OOP)
Digital Download
NR-003 Graystone: Trapped In Youth E.P. (7 Songs)
Released: August 2001 on CD (OOP)
Digital Download

NR-002 Letterbox: Too Late For Sorry E.P. (4 Songs)
Released: June 2001 on CD (OOP)

NR-001 NotRock: 4 Band Sampler (8 Songs)
Released: 3/16/2001 on Cassette
Digital Download 
The very first NotRock release featuring four all-star bands: Khantra, Annoying Customer, Letterbox, and Graystone.

NR-000a Annoying Customer / Contra Split (16 Songs)
Released: June 2000 on CD (OOP)

This gem predates NotRock by about a year but certainly laid the groundwork for what was to come.  Recorded in just two days on a four-track cassette recorder, this now legendary relic is a document and testament of youthful dreams, ambitions and spirit.