Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NotRock Holiday Compilation Volume: III OUT NOW!!!

Hello everybody!
It's now December which means the holidays are upon us. Just in time for our favorite time of year NotRock Records has a brand new Holiday compilation for you. That's rights folks NR-032 NotRock Holiday Compilation Volume: III is here and we couldn't be happier with end result. It is our largest Holiday Comp. to date sporting 22 tracks from fan favorite NotRock artists as well great friends both old and new. You can now download this fantastic holiday compilation as well as previous holiday volumes via However if you want to jump straight to the new one click here. Physical copies will be available in another week and there will be a release show (that at the moment is tentatively scheduled for) December 16th. More info on that coming soon! Well that's all the news that's fit to print so until the next post HAPPY DECEMBER!
Hope to see you at the show.
- J.T.F.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NotRock Compilation RELEASED!!!

Hello friends and music enthusiasts!
We're very happy to formally announce the physical release of the Return of the NotRock Sampler Volume: III. The jam packed release show will occur on the 30th of September at the Byram Municipal Courthouse. Bands are still being confirmed but there will be plenty players from the 30 song compilation all performing 4 song mini-sets. In regards to the release itself, the standard edition of the two disc compilation will be completely FREE! The Limited Edition First pressing comes in handsome exclusive packaging, is limited to only 200 copies, and will be on sale for a modest $5. Rumor has it there will be pins and posters available as well. Show details and updates can be found here. For those who do not fancy tangible records and cannot wait until the 30th or if you want a preview of what some of the live performance that evening may be, you can digi download the compilation here for free. This event will be very special because not only is it the celebration of our third sampler compilation (our biggest collaborative effort to date featuring 30 different artists) but also a celebration of independent music in general. We hope to see you at this historic event!

In other NotRock News:

-Prodution continues on NR-29: Please Exist's double album entitled "When Super Hero's Burn Their Capes"

-Production has begun on a new Insouciant full length. Drums are tracked and the rest is on it's way. Expect a lot of exciting details about this 11 song album of fury soon.

-New NotRock Holiday Compilation (the third volume of the now annual tradition) announced! Lots exciting details on that coming soon.

-Lastly check out NotRock's youtube page. There is going to be a lot of great videos soon uploaded from the archives. Such as this vintage Khantra video.

Ok kiddies that's all the news that's fit to print. See you back here soon and I hope to see you at the Comp release show! Until then Godspeed!
- J. T. F.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hello all,
Things are mighty busy over here as the final touches are being put on the new NotRock Sampler. Production is in full swing right now but we're taking a small pause in the massive production to reveal some of the exciting details of this highly anticipated new compilation volume to you. First off we have to say that we are extremely pleased with the shear volume of artists who have contributed music to this project. Everyone has been extremely positive embracing this project from the start and nothing makes this more apparent than the high caliber of material that will be featured on it.
- Return of the NotRock Sampler Volume: III will feature an unprecedented 30 tracks that will span the length of 2 compacted discs. YES TWO DISCS! It will be released initially in this CD format followed soon thereafter by a digital download version.
- There will be a limited edition first pressing of 200 (only!) hand numbered copies that feature exclusive special packaging!
- The regular (second pressing) edition will be available in a five color assortment (as the previous volumes have been) and will be completely FREE! The purpose of this compilation is to share and expose people to a lot of the great music that our friends are out there making right now. It's free because not only do we want to share it with you but we would like YOU to share it with others as well. These artists are making fantastic music and the world deserves to hear it. Please help us share it with them. Speaking of the fine artists featured on this compilation, it's time they were revealed to you.
- The bands/artists that will be featured on the NotRock Sampler Volume: III are as follows (in no particular order): Insouciant*, The Human Era*, Annoying Customer*, Please Exist*, Melissa & Paul*, Rabbit Troupe*, Hides A Well*, Russell*, Control, Young Legs*, Clint Peter*, Riley Stallings*, The Ashes*, Little Light, John T. Fisher*, The Benedict Arnold Trade School*, Bunyan/Quasar, Bryan George*, End Transmission*, Systolic Reverie*, Four Fingers*, Matt Olsson*, Young American Artists*, The Arts and Crafts Movement*, 4Headed Monster, Cephalopods And Their Allies*, Gypsy Wig, Kamp Koala, BDFM*, and Disseriph*.
- * are exclusive tracks that can only be found on this comp!
- Well that's all for now kiddies! Look for NotRock Sampler Volume: III in early July. We can't wait for you to hear all the great music on it! Until then take care and thanks for your support.
- J.T.F.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hello friends and fellow music fans,
You may have noticed that robins are out and about, squirrels are desperately searching for their hidden acorn stashes, and the peepers are out well, peeping. This can only mean one thing: It is the time of growth. Spring is is here kids so bust out of those caves, cocoons, and carbonite blocks (some mild hibernation sickness may occur, your eyesight will return in time) and check out the many goings on in the local music scene! Yes you heard correctly I said scene. Evidentially one of those has sprung up over the past couple years after having laid long dormant and is now flourishing! Not only is this a very exciting time but it is also very important. A lot of people out there are making wonderful music all the time and finally in the N.J. area there is a growing sense of community again. We at NotRock choose to embrace this and come at you with pistols drawn in an effort to showcase some of the great artists that are making important music right now.

In early summer 2011 NotRock will finally be releasing a third installment of the NotRock Sampler series, going back to their collective linking roots that this label started with 10 years ago. With previous editions NotRock has sought to promote like minded musicians in our tight group of friends that were actively creating music. The same will hold true with volume three however, this time we extend our reach outward to the many other individuals and bands who've crossed our path in recent times. These being artists who stand out and are helping shape the musical community that we at NotRock very much want to continually encourage and help grow. NR-031 Return of the NotRock Sampler: Volume III is in production now with many amazing artists (some old favorites and some brandy new) on board contributing exclusive recordings just for this comp. It will be available in June on both CD and Digi Download for... wait for it... FREE! We are very excited to share this record with the world and hope you are too.

On the topic of NotRock Samplers, if you missed out on our very first release a mere 10 years ago then you are in luck. NR-001 NotRock 4-Band Sampler is once again available this time for free and on digi download at Download a piece of NotRock history today right here.

In other exciting news very dear NotRock friends and alumni ANNOYING CUSTOMER have made jaws drop once more by releasing a truly amazing new record: INTERVALS. If you don't already own this stop reading and download it for free here. NotRock applauds you ANNOYING CUSTOMER! Please keep the hits coming!

That's all the news that fit to print at the moment. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on NotRock Sampler: Volume III as well as upcoming releases by Please Exist, Insouciant, and a long in the making NotRock 10th anniversary album.
Take care Kiddies. Hope to see you at a show.
- John T. Fisher