Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hello everybody!  Who would've thought a new post would come so soon?  Well it would not have if there wasn't some extremely exciting news afoot.  It seems NotRock has reached another milestone point in its history because Tuesday May 18th 2010 Insouciant has dropped NotRock's 26th release!  That's right NR-026 has taken the moniker of "Dresser" the latest album released by all star band INSOUCIANT!  This album has seven of the finest songs of their career, was recorded by Bryan Kwasnik and mastered by Chad Clark @ Silver Sonya!  As of right now it is available at this link via digital download on a name your price basis.  "Name my price!  What does that mean?"  Well kind sir or madame that means you can pay whatever you wish.  No tricks.  Hypothetically you can even choose to pay nothing but of coarse you wouldn't do that.  I mean what kind of jackass doesn't want to support independent art?  "What's with this digital nonsense?"  You ask.  "I though you guys made tangible records!"  Well if you are not savvy about this whole interweb music mp3 hoopla the music world has become do not fret boys and girls because "Dresser"  will be available in hard copy, tangible matter form in a couple weeks.  It has some pretty righteous  artwork and will be coming with a really cool lyric booklet the likes of which NotRock releases set a standard of DIY pride.  Both NotRock and Insouciant are very proud of this release so please take a few minutes and check it out.   As always thank you to those who take interest in what we do and we hope to see you at a show.  
- J.T.F.
p.s.  stay tuned for updates on the physical Dresser album release coming in the next couple weeks.