Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Holidays!!!

Hello again!
I hope you are all ready for some explosive Holiday themed awesomeness because the 2012 NotRock Holiday Comp. has officially arrived! The finally tally of contributors brings NR-038 to a whopping 24 tracks, making it our largest Holiday effort yet! There's something for everybody on this eclectic gathering so be sure to check it out. For now you can download/purchase the digital version HERE. The CD version will be available Dec 21st at the Comp's OFFICIAL RELEASE SHOW. A purchase button for the CD will follow on the Record Shop page shortly thereafter. The show will be an evening jam-packed with awesome music (maybe cookies) and fun. Aside from getting a full set from CONTROL (playing their first show in over a year!) there will be 9 other bands playing 3-song mini-sets! The lineup for the show is as follows (although not necessarily this order) CONTROL, HIDES A WELL, PLEASE EXIST, DISSERIPH, fragmnts, MAKEOUT VERTIGO, WE USED TO LOVE, YOUNG LEGS, SEAN MILO, & SKATEBOARD KYLE. This is going to be one for the ages (it also may be the apocalypse!) so please come out and support independent music! We hope to see you there!

Speaking of Skateboard Kyle, this fine young gentleman/band has not only contributed a standout track on this years Holiday Comp but has also graced the world with a really righteous new E.P. that you must download/purchase and start listening to immediately! If you are anything like us and like records that rock faces off then look no further. "Consider This" is short and sweet but leaves a lasting impression in the eardrums of the listener. "Buzzards Bay" has been stuck in our heads for days upon days now! We do "consider this" Skateboard Kyle. We consider this awesome. We're honored you crept over from Beta Snake Records and let us release one of your songs. Keep up the great work.

Well Kiddies, we'll let you get back to visions of sugarplums and yule-tides because that is all the news fit to print this lovely month of December. See you back here in 2013 (unless the world really does apocalypse itself). Wow 2013, that sounds so futuristic doesn't it? Have a great holiday everybody! We hope to see you at the release show.

- J.T.F.

P.S. Need a last minute gift idea? Buy this dude's book. It's great.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November NEWS!

Hello Happy Post-Thanksgiving everyone,

It is that time of year again! The time for a new edition (the 4th installment!) of the NotRock Holiday Compilation.  There have been a lot of great submissions this year and at this point it looks like the comp will have a whopping 20 tracks from contributors both new and old.  NR-038 will be released digitally the first week of December and the CD version will have it's official release show on December 21st.  It will be a fantastic jam-packed event with many a comp artist  doing their best to spread holiday cheer.  The complete line-up for the show as well as the comp itself will be revealed next week.  As if that isn't exciting enough the show on the 21st will also be the reunion show of our dear friends CONTROL!

In other fabulous news, Hides A Well has pretty much completed (aside from some bells and whistles)  their long awaited full length.  NR-037 will sport 10 glorious tracks for your listening pleasure and will be available in the coming months.  To keep your eardrums satisfied until then they released an album preview HERE.  They also have a brand new track on this years Holiday Comp!  As if that's not enough, you can now download their 4-Song live set from the Canajoharie Church Retreat!!!

Ok speaking of which, as mentioned in previous posts, the Canajoharie Church Retreat was a fantastic 4th of July weekend where a bunch of musicians traveled to an old church in the remote town of Canajoharie to hang out, play, and record songs together.  The entire weekend was filmed and ultimately cut together in a documentary.   What are we getting at?  Well, we had the privilege of attending the premiere of said documentary and we must say it is a very wonderful and inspiring film.  We're told it will be viewable online soon but the good news is that for now all the live sets are available for free download HERE.  A lot of fantastic artists contributed to this very memorable weekend so be sure to check it out.

One of the bands that attended that weekend was Please Exist.  Their 4-song set is downloadable HERE.  Currently, they continue to work on their long awaited full length as well as write lots of new material.  They also have a brand new track on the Holiday Comp!

Disseriph has just plain blown us away in recent months.  Back in September Mr. Disseriph played a show and much to the audiences surprise Adam had forgone the use of just an acoustic guitar and instead had a fully amped up backing band.  Of course the backing band was one that came courtesy of his iphone as it played recordings made earlier that day that featured all Adam composed and performed accompanying parts.  This description doesn't even begin to do justice (and might not even make sense to read) just how amazing the "full" Disseriph band is.  Just ask Steven Donahue of Rabbit Troupe & Young Legs.  When asked what the best live show he ever saw was he replied without hesitation "Probably when Adam played my basement." If you missed that performance you missed something truly special.  Here's hoping with all our hearts he keeps performing that way at future shows. In the meantime he's released a wonderful new track that you can download HERE.  Also be on the lookout for a new track on the Holiday Comp.

Off Camber has been super busy/active playing lots of shows and preparing to release a split 7" with the awesome band Between Your Mind And Tongue.  You can preview one of their new tracks HERE.   The 7" will feature awesome hand silkscreened packaging that is too crazy to even try to fully describe here.  If you appreciate cool records that have equally cool packaging then you'll want to be on the lookout for this!

Ok kiddies that concludes our November update.  Check back next week for details about the Holiday Comp and release show.  Until then, take care and have a wonderful holiday season.

- J.T.F.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Mini-Post, Our Apologies

Hello everyone,

First off we must apologize for two reasons: 1) because we apparently can't make it through one calendar year without having extended  gaps in our news updates.  You'd think it wouldn't be so difficult to keep up with that.  12 posts a year shouldn't be a problem and yet our last post was in July.  2) despite the fact that we haven't had an update in months and the fact that we really do have a lot of exciting things to write about and share with you, this post is not going to cover much and will be very brief.  The main focus of this mini-post is this...

For those of you that don't know, John T. Fisher has been making an epic, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, film serial called Fallout Chronicles over the past few years. The exciting news is that Fallout Chronicles (which stars many a NotRock artist) has been accepted into and will be screening at the Terror Film Festival in Philly on October 18th.  Both the Prologue and Chapter 1 will be shown together along with other submitters short films.  In addition to being an official selection, Fallout Chronicles is also nominated for several CLAW AWARDS including best director, best sci-fi short, best actress (Liz Norris), best cinematography, best editing, best sound design, and best special FX!  If you can come out and support we'd all appreciate it very much.  If you buy single program tickets online they will be $5. They're $10 at the door the day of.
Here's a link to the facebook event page.

We hope to see some of you there!

Ok unfortunately that's all the news we can squeeze in at the moment but we promise there will be another update really soon that'll be flooded with exciting news.  Until then, keep it real.  We hope to see you at the festival!

- Captain NotRock

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Wrapping

Hey kids July will be over in moments so here's an update, late as usual.

Hides A Well was in the studio last weekend, tracking bass and drums for their forthcoming debut full-length.  It went off without a hitch and thus far it sounds amazing!  There is no official title yet but it will bear the cat # NR-037.

If you missed all the facebook posts around July 4th then set your face to "HOLY CRAP!" because Insouciant released a long lost music video for their song America.   The video was shot a few years back a little after the release of "Fall".  The footage got shelved with several other incomplete videos and waited to be edited.  Performance footage was planned but never completed so John finally edited the video together as is and we think it worked just fine!   CHECK IT OUT!

Ok, next on the ol' agenda is telling you fine folks about some buddies of ours that have released new awesome music in recent months.

Atlas is a rad post-hardcore band made up of members from Control.  Check out their first EP: It's Haunting  Do yourself a favor and check out their live show.  INTENSE!

Rabbit Troupe our dear, dear friends have graced us with yet another gem of an EP: Asbestos Factory Run By Kids  As expected it's a must, and only three minutes long!

Kyle of Rabbit Troupe, Human Dosage Factor, the S'ods released the first EP from his most excellent newish project Skateboard Kyle.  Check out: Misc. Hell

Last but not least is Yes Bicycle who recently dropped their debut EP entitled: Oinkus Ficus If you dug what Yes Bicycle contributed to the NotRock Holiday Comp 3 then do not waist another moment without downloading this EP.  

Ok everyone, we reckon that's all the news we have for you this month.  There seems to be no shortage of awesome local music to tell you about so we'll see you back here in thirty with another dosage.
Until then take care and be happy.

- J.T.F.

Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hey Kiddies!

This is Johnny here with a last minute post to hold you over until the July post.  There's not too much to report in the immediate NotRock family but as per usual there are lots of great things going on in the local music scene.

IDES.  WOW!  Do you know this band? I've had the pleasure of playing a couple of shows with them now and I can't say enough about how awesome they are.   Their show is the most fun I've had seeing a hardcore band in almost a decade.  This band is definitely and absolutely the epitome of dynamite coming in small packages.   Looking at the four band members, I see average twenty somethings hanging out at show...  until they take stage and completely take over the room.  High intensity, super high energy and absolutely explosive.   Check out their latest ep! Do yourself a favor and get to one of their shows.

NotRock has had the pleasure of releasing a song by BDFM on the NotRock Sampler Volume: III.  Well just recently these crazy kids released their very first EP: The Artist & His Lover.  It's an absolute blast of bluesy, ukulele, punk-rock!  "How can I hear/obtain this awesome record?"  Well luckily for you it's available for download or physical CD purchase here.  Of course you could also make it out to one of their many shows and request the record personally.  Either way you should give this rad record from one of the most unique bands around a whirl ASAP.  "WAKE, BREATH, EAT, DREAM, WRITE, THINK FOR YOURSELF. SING SONGS THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN."  That's an anthem if I've ever heard one.

Riley Stallings, another good friend of the NotRock family,  has finally graced us with her much anticipated full length debut: The Grand Scheme Of Things.  If you know her from previous NotRock Comp releases then you are already familiar (if not then you'd best become) with her beautiful voice graceful guitar-work and catchy song-writing.  This record, as expected, is no exception.  Fantastic production and full instrumentation on this record takes it above and beyond something special.  This record is a gem.  Check it out here.  Riley PLEASE keep doing what you're doing.

Well that's all that's fit  to print this month. See you back here in July!   Hopefully there'll be some very exciting news to report about HIDES A WELL.



Monday, May 28, 2012


Hello again comrades,

May is wrapping up as this text is posted so we're here to give you some brief last minute intel.

Our newest pals, Off Camber, have self released a 4-song demo tape that we urge you to check out ASAP.   Yes, we actually mean tape, as in the cassette variety.  You can obtain one of these craftily packaged hand-drilled, hand-numbered, hand-assembled tapes easily at one of their shows (check the SHOWS page people!) or for those that don't have either a time machine or a tape-deck, the demo is also available via digital download for your listening/purchasing convenience.  Please check it out.  The music will speak for itself.

In a much sadder note, Insouciant, one of the longest running NotRock affiliates, one which we are most proud to have worked with, has officially declared that they are on indefinite hiatus.  They will continue to finish their latest record, which we assure you is nothing short of epic, and ultimately release it on NotRock as planned.  Until then we'll keep you up to date on the status of this magnificent recording.

In closing, we'd like to shift focus from musical notes to the written word.   Now granted, the header on this page says NotRock Records not NotRock Books so although this may seem out place, bear with us and act more like the open minded individuals we expect you to be.  Local author Patrick Roesle has tapped into the nostalgia of growing up during the heyday of the local N.J. music scene in his self-published gem of a novel  The Zeros.  If you grew up in a time when there was still an arcade (a good one) in the Rockaway mall and when every weekend it seemed like an awesome show was going on a mere stones throw away from your hometown then you'll want to check out this book.  In fact, you'll want to even if that isn't the case.  Roesle  takes the reader on a nostalgic journey through a decade  full of compelling characters that you'll swear are people you knew.  It's an incredible, brutally honest portrayal of real life and all the baggage that comes with growing up.  It is a story about dreams and the death of them.  It's a book that is worth your time.  So please skip the 50 shades of bullshit this summer and take a chance on a book that doesn't have the backing of a major publisher.  Not just because you should support independent artists but more importantly because this book is just well... really good.

That's all for this month kiddies.  See yah next month!


p.s. Go outside and take a walk or ride a bike or something.   The earth is a pretty sweet place.

Monday, April 30, 2012


Hello kiddies,

Once again the spring season is upon us and we are doing some cleaning, growing and creating.


You may have noticed the NotRock website has continued to refine itself in hopes become a more streamlined interface, making navigability easier and more efficient.  The catalog page has been reworked for the better and will become more in depth for each specific release as time goes on (one step at a time here people, sheesh).  In addition to the catalog overhaul there is now a SHOWS page that will keep constant listing of booked shows for all active bands on the NotRock roster.  It is updated frequently so be sure to check it multiples time a day.  Also recently constructed is the BANDS page which serves as a directory for all NotRock bands/affiliates past and present, linking directly to each individual band's profile page subsequently steering the user toward whatever content they wish to find about said band.  Give it a whirl.  We paid top dollar for all this new design so check it out.

Aforementioned in the previous month's post, digging around the NotRock archives  has yielded a "new" old release to the NotRock catalog.  Faithful NotRock followers/enthusiasts rejoice and welcome NR-033 Feu de Joie: Love Song to the ranks of the ever growing NR releases.  A mere single tune Love Song is very much a lost treasure and we deemed it worthy of it's own catalog number.  As for now it is available in the digital format accompanied by a spanking new illustration by John T. Fisher.  A very limited run on  CD is being developed with some snazzy packaging (the likes of which only F.D.J. would dare attempt) and will include four bonus F.D.J. demos.  Stay tuned for updates on that front.


It seams that amongst all the usual commotion in these parts, out of practically nowhere a new band has germinated past seed and broke ground into the NotRock garden.  If you've been to the band page directory you may have already noticed an unfamiliar and possibly controversially named band listed.  We at NotRock would like to take this opportunity to formally welcome to the team and introduce to you: COURTNEY STODDEN AGE SIXTEEN.  Comprised of Joe DeGroot, Brian Foy, and Kyle Wilkerson C.S.A.S. delivers a blast of gloom rock ambience that hasn't existed since the best days of UNWOUND.  We are thrilled with the songs they are playing at their live shows and are equally thrilled that they will be releasing their full-length debut on NotRock in the coming months.  Expect many developments as we follow this new band and the release of:
NR-034 Courtney Stodden Age Sixteen: In Labored Lockstep.


In a brief overview of other active NotRock projects we'd like to update y'all on the following:

Insouciant moves forward with their forthcoming LP by COMPLETING tracking guitars!  All major instrument tracking is now done leaving the band with the task of recording vocals.  If all goes well that will wrap up in the month of May.  Who knows, you may see this release this summer.

Please Exist also continues progress on their full length.  Instrument tracking is done.  A vigorous mixing session is underway and as soon as some vocals are laid down, the general public may actually get to hear it.  Cross you fingers people.  You are a little bit closer to having this record explode your stereo.

As you know Khantra's beloved Self-Titled album is getting a special 10th anniversary rerelease.  The track assembly is complete and details are being worked out on the packaging presentation.  It may be another treat to drop this summer.

In closing we'd like to talk about some dear friends of ours.  Chances are if you're reading this you already know about these crazy kids called Melissa & Paul.  I dare say more people know about them than the entire NotRock operation and not without good reason.  Since you already know this, there's no reason for us to tell you how awesome they are or how fun and energetic their live show is or how much their music well... rocks.  However in the slightest teeny weeny chance you don't know about this already you absolutely need to.   On friday April 13th Melissa & Paul released a 10" record entitled  "LIVE HARD".  If you don't have it already GET IT.  We could go on ad nauseam as to why this record rules but just trust us and pick up a copy.  Keep doing what you're doing M&P.  We are proud to call you friends and thrilled you're making this music.

Well that's all the news fit to print this month.  See you in May kiddies!  (yes we realize that's a day away. sorry this months post was delayed)
- J.T.F.

P.S. Who would win in a fight Mr. Fantastic of Stretch Armstrong?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hello everyone,
There's actually nothing lousy about March at all, in fact even the weather is quite nice (although we are really hoping for at least one snowstorm this winter).  Since we last left you many a thing have transpired or began to germinate in this little (but rapidly multiplying) music community.  This month we say goodbye to our pals the Young American Artists (whose last show was nothing short of amazing).  But while some creative forces leave this world behind other new ones emerge and even some relics of the past break surface this month and start to bloom.  Lots to talk about so away we go!

First off if you were not at the last Young American Artists show you missed out.  They went out with a blaze of scorching guitars, thunderous drums,  and a room full of nuclear vociferations.  Luckily for us (as well as those who missed this awesome show) an amazing live recording was made of their entire set and is already available for free download (as well as the rest of their discography) via We implore you to check it out!

Okay now that we've explored misty-eyed territory lets move onto something HUGE!  SO HUGE that we can't tell you much about it (mainly because well, frankly we don't know much).
Here's what we do know(or think we know):
There is a new band on the scene called Off Camber.
There seems to be four people in it whose names appear to be Megan, Adam, James, and Ned.
A demo has surfaced and it sounds like this:
They have several shows scheduled the first of which occurs Friday March 9th the second March 31st.
We have a strong hunch this is something you don't want to miss.

WOW!  We really didn't see this coming.  Just when you couldn't be more annoyed with how long it's taking Please Exist to finish and put out their record they've dropped a live E.P. to hold you over.  This was recorded by Kevin Carafa on July 2nd 2011 during the Paul's Church Retreat weekend extravaganza.  This as said is "live" so it is presented as it was played, mistakes and all.  Because of that and the ferocity of this recording there is a level of charm  that could rival the sterility of many studio records.  It can be streamed from here.  Please check it out!  A download will be available soon from the main church retreat web page which we're told will be up and running in the very near future.  Also of note: there is a plethora of new Please Exist shows booked so check out there bandpage for the deets.

Insouciant continues work on their forthcoming full length.  Adam tracked most of his guitar parts last weekend and we must say the whole thing is coming out splendidly.  With just a few more guitar parts to track leaving only the vocals to be done, this thing will be off to the presses in no time! There are a bunch of short (several very funny) videos up on Insouciant's Youtube channel for you to check out.  In the meantime here's a fun one of Adam ripping:

 Next up: Feu de Joie!  There's a name we haven't tossed around in quite some time but don't get too excited, they aren't playing any reunion shows anytime soon.  However something excellent is happening concerning everyones favorite noir-pop band.  It seems that way back when Feu de Joie recorded their masterpiece Protostar they also tracked a tune that was not fodder for their planets album.  "Love Song" is the name of it and the recording was intended to be used on what would have been the third NotRock Sampler had it come out back in 2006-2007.  Obviously that did not happen and "Love Song" sat around the NotRock archives waiting to be heard on the Tenth Anniversary NotRock CD (which is still happening it's just been a bit delayed) yet still it sits.  The fact of the matter is that this song was a fan favorite at shows and a favorite in general with the band and quite frankly the recording of it deserves to be heard.  So what are we getting at?  We dug the recording up and as remembered, it is awesome so we are releasing it to public ears later this month.  Rumor has it there may even be a super limited run on CD.  More to report on that soon.

Work on Khantra's Self-Titled 10th Anniversary rerelease continues.  It was quite the task hunting down the original elements used to put that album together but thankfully, just recently, some missing pieces (that were not properly archived)  have been located.  All the puzzle pieces are now in the right hands and the project is going forth as planned.  We'll keep you updated as this most exciting release nears completion.  Predictions are slating it for an early summer release date.

Last but not least is John's Super Awesome Fun Birthday Show!  It seems that guy who is always yacking about NotRock this and NotRock that is turning a very old age this very month.  What better way to celebrate than to have a show featuring many a NotRock friend and family?  It takes place March 16th in Byram N.J. and it will feature Please Exist, Disseriph, Lucas Brode, Melissa & Paul, Annoying Customer, & Insouciant.  Info is HERE.

Well I reckon that's all the news fit to print for this post.  Have a super swell March!
Hope to see you at one of the upcoming shows.

- J.T.F.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Happy February Everybody!

Thus far our new website design is a complete success.  Not only has it been getting praises across the boards ("It's about freakin time thems guys finally made a workin webosite.  I've been so lost as to where to gets my notrock shite.  Now I know where to find it like." - Ted Strandbunksky)  but it also has had our highest webtraffic to date.  In the month of January alone it has had a million visits! (figure rounded up to the nearest million) Records are flying off the shelves due to our new online store and everything else is just peachy keen.  Other than that there is not too much to report in the immediate NotRock family.  Insouciant and Please Exist continue to work on their upcoming records and so far each have one show this month.  Check their bandpages for the details.

Now that that's covered we'd like to refocus the rest of this month's post to tell you about some fantastic and important things that are going on with Mr. New Jersey's local music scene.

First off, if you are not already aware of this you absolutely need to be.  Indie-Rock superstars Rabbit Troupe have released a new EP "Treasures Are Miniscule" and it will completely knock your  shoes, socks, anklets, and any other foot accessories you may be wearing, right off!  Treasures Are Miniscule is absolutely the Troupe's finest record to date and they could not have picked a more appropriate title for it.    6 tracks clocking in at under 15 minutes is pretty miniscule but there is no doubt that this EP is a treasure.  Troupe's song-crafting has never been finer, full of poppy hooks, beautiful vocal harmonies, and the most tasteful guitar leads this side of Weezer's Pinkerton.  The production has also matured by leaps and bounds since their last effort which only acts as the sweet, sweet icing on this cake.   It's hard to formulate in words the great feelings this record evokes in the listener so please do yourself a favor, trust me, and pick up a copy of the first truly great record of 2012.  Putting it simply: Treasures FUCKING ROCKS!  The next time there is a Pavement reunion they might be opening for Rabbit Troupe because clearly the new kings of indie rock have planted themselves on the throne.  Here's hoping they don't move from that spot anytime soon.  Check out Rabbit Troupe's Treasures Are Miniscule right now!

Okay there are awesome records just pouring out of north jersey this month.  Etiquette is a band I've had the pleasure of playing with/seeing several times.  Every time I think the same thing 'Holy shit these guys are awesome!  I can't wait until they put out a record of these rad songs!'.  Well it would seem my wait is finally over (well partially, it won't be completely satiated until they record/release all their songs) because they just recently dropped their debut 4-song EP LET IT BURN.  It's everything I love about their live show encapsulated in an explosive little ten minute package.  Etiquette makes awesome pedal to metal songs that rock in all the ways my favorite HUM and Seaweed songs do.   You'll be hard pressed to not want to headbang or pogo along to this record.   I'm very happy these guys are making this music and very much look forward to their next gig.  Bring on the next record guys!  Until then LET IT BURN comes highly recommended.   CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Our dear friends Melissa & Paul never cease to amaze us.  While we wait with baited breath for their forthcoming 10'' record M&P surprised us by dropping a new single entitled "Summer".   This song is an absolute fucking gem.  Beautifully crafted with an easy going tempo and a haunting melody,  this song creates serene images and warm feelings in this listener's ears, mind, and heart.  It swells to a glorious crescendo like a gust of wind bringing forth Melissa's gorgeous harmonized vocal "oooohs"  and is snuffed out only to explode again with an electrifying guitar lead.  As the song fades away this listener is left with many feelings but certainly one overall: satisfied.  Summer is a song where everything is in it's right place, wether it be Paul's extraordinarily tasteful beat that is refined to perfection only exploding when absolutely necessary or the quaint jangle of Melissa's opening guitar riff.  Summer may be in you heart Melissa but you and Paul are certainly in ours. We can't wait for your new record to drop.  Get Melissa & Paul's track SUMMER right now!

Well unfortunately our last bit of news is of a more somber tone.  NotRock is very fortunate to have had the privilege of releasing a Young American Artists tune on our most recent sampler compilation but it saddens our hearts to know they should and could have been our acquaintances much earlier.  What is more upsetting is the news that they will be calling it quits and playing their final show on March 2nd 2012.  Some bands overstay their welcome.  They trudge on and on into mediocrity and redundancy.  When these bands finally die there is a sigh of relief that the struggle is finally over.   The Young American Artists is not one of these bands.  Their presence among the scene will be missed and one can't help but wonder what another record by them might have been like.  Alas so far it seems we are not meant to know.  Do yourself a favor, make a trip to the Tuscan Cafe on March 2nd and show this crew the support they deserve.  This show is going to be one to remember with or without you so years from now when it's a thing of punk rock folklore, aren't you going to wish you could say "I was there"?  NotRock wishes the members of YAA the best of luck on all their future endeavors, music and otherwise.  Go to the show!  The info is here.  Get YAA music here.

Ok Kiddies that's all the news that's fit to print this month!  See you back here in 30 days or so (who knows maybe less).

Hope to see you at a show.  Speaking of which I'll leave you with a flyer that was mouse drawn by yours truly.
- John T. Fisher

p.s. Can we get some legit snow up in here?  What the hell?  Punxutawney Phil saw his shadow and everything.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hello Boys and Girls,

Happy New Year and welcome to the NotRock Records home page. If you haven't yet realized it things look a bit different around here. That's because there has been a major (and long overdue) overhaul the NotRock website. There are many new features that will help the proverbial web surfer navigate and access info (hopefully with much ease) regarding shows, releases, and bands in general, that have become part of NotRock history. Here is a brief overview of what's new and improved with yours truely:

- First, if you look to the top of the page just below the main header you'll see a navigation bar of sorts that is a link directory to the immediate NotRock sub-sites. There's a link to the NotRock Facebook, Bandcamp, Youtube, and most excitingly the NotRock Records Shop! This navigation bar will be a constant throughout the main NotRock pages, streamlining it with the Records Shop and Bandpages. Which brings us to the next two topics.

- Second, we are very happy to finally be able to present all you record hunters out there with a NotRock store page. The NotRock Records Shop is open for business! On it you will find a listing of every NotRock release and the option to purchase physical copies of it (in most cases but not all) or for you more tech savvy kids out there, a link to where you can download said release. Every release in the NotRock catalog is now, once again, available! Some of them haven't been available in years so check it out!

- The third and last point we would like to tell you about is the Bandpages. If you look over to the right hand column and scan down you'll see that every band who has ever had an official NotRock Record released (and a couple who haven't) now has a bandpage. Each page will be an individual directory for all specific info, links, and releases by the band whose page you are on. Mind you, some of them are still being tweaked and fine tuned but they are up and running none the less.

That's pretty much it for the website overhaul so please explore, shop, and listen!

Ok onto 2012. So far we are starting the year of right and getting down to business. This is a very exciting time for NotRock. A second golden age (would that be considered a silver age?) is upon us, flourishing with music, film, and art. We very much look forward to sharing it all with you. In the coming weeks there are quite a few shows planned for Disseriph, Insouciant, and Please Exist so check out their band pages for specific info (hey that gave us an idea. perhaps we should have a show directory page as well? does that sound like a good idea?) There are many new releases planned for this year and early 2012 will see the release of a new Insouciant full length, the long awaited Please Exist full length, and a special anniversary reissue of Khantra's Self-Titled debut with rare b-sides and demos in spanking new packaging (if you're cool enough to get a physical copy). Meanwhile many other projects continue in various stages of development. Details will be released as soon as we get 'em folks!

Well kiddies, that's all the news that's fit to print for now. Keep checking back for lots of great content because our new year resolution is to actually update this page frequently (unlike the last 5 years). See ya soon!

Oh yeah, as a parting gift we would like to share with you this infamous little gem that actually predates NotRock by about one year. Below you'll find a link to the now legendary Annoying Customer Contra split in all its tascam four-track glory. Available for the first time in over a decade, NotRock is proud to present it to you as it was, completely unmastered and raw as hell. This is a beautiful document of kids making and releasing music for no other reason than that they love to do it. This completely DIY record was the historical benchmark and inspiration for NotRock Records to come together and do what we do. CHECK IT OUT! Listen to it and know anything is possible. The world is a blank canvas. Make it what you want.

- J.T.F.