Monday, June 30, 2014

Benny & June

Howdy Partners,

Hopefully all of you are enjoying this lovely summer season.  This month's post will be mega-brief due to John spending every moment of free time completing the latest installment of his film serial Fallout Chronicles.  Speaking of which Chapter One of F.C. will be screening July 31st at The Yellow Ape Film Festival!  If anyone will be in the Long Island neighbor hood of the festival be sure to swing by.  It looks like it'll be a crazy great time.

The only updates we have for you this month is that the final mixes of Please Exist's forthcoming 7"recordings should be in any day now and entia is finishing up their debut recording.  They have mixing dates scheduled for August and are expected to include these recordings on a split 12" record.

On another note we happened to catch Ohio band The Heel the other night and they we're a blast! Check out their indie-pop-punk EP:

Ok well that's the all the news fit to print this month.  See you in thirty when we'll have a more thorough update on local happenings.   Until then enjoy the summer and enjoy life.

- J.T.F