Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wrapping 2016 Unwrapping Gifts


We've got a quickie post here just to round out the year with some news that absolutely can not wait!  Just in time for the holiday season we've released our 8th installment of the annual NotRock Holiday Compilation!  This years comp is jam-packed with 20 holiday jams featuring many an artist of years past, some really old friends, and some newcomers.  There's something for everyone on here so please do enjoy and share.

We've been posting the same thing forever about Please Exist but they really do have some records coming out VERY soon.  Their 12 song LP "Slowdance To The Apocalypse" wrapped production and is in the mixing stage.  In addition the 5 song EP "Let The Nighttime Live" (a sister EP to their previous "Let The Daytime Die")  has also wrapped production.  It has been whisked away to our friend Kevin Carafa, on the west coast to be mixed and mastered.  Coming early 2017 Please Exist will finally have a ton of new material out in the world for your listening pleasure.

In exciting unexpected news, Eric K, decided to finally release an EP of 5 great songs he recored sometime ago.  "The Second EP" get's the NR-054 tag as a most welcome and overdue addition to our ever growing catalogue.  Here's hoping there's plenty more where this came from.  Check it out here:

While we're on the subject of Eric and unexpected news, he and the other members of KHANTRA will be reuniting and playing a benefit show on Jan 21st!  That was not a typo.  Yeah, we can't believe it either.  Having not played a show since 2005, this is a most exciting and welcomed news for friends and fans alike.  The show will also feature Capacities, Death Vacation, Casual and is promising to be a very special evening indeed.  The show will be benefiting JBWS so if can't make it out (but you absolutely should because it may never happen again) please consider donating to their cause regardless.

Well that's all the crazy news fit to print in this truly turbulent year.  Hang in there everybody.  Have a safe and happy holiday and may you all have the very best new year!  Until next time, be kind and take care!

- J.T.F.