Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well hello everyone,
I feel its about time I got in the habit of keeping up with something I helped create.  For all (and I'm sure it's few at this point) who still have interest,  there are some fun developments in the world of NOTROCK.  I know things have been moving at a less than glacial pace as of late but believe it or not certain individuals have never stopped working creatively and some results will show for it in the very near future.  In the past three years the roster of active musical projects dissipated to almost nothingness and the once healthy community in which we were all involved dissolved into just a couple people working on recording projects.  None the less goodness and creativity has prevailed and for the first time in these three years it feels that a sense community is once again finally emerging from our group and I for one could not be more excited.  

As previously stated NOTROCK #23 is very near on the horizon.  This will be the very first studio effort from INSOUCIANT and the developments have been very promising.  As their live act continues to become more frequent and more expansive be sure to check them out before they take over the world.  Check out their myspace for upcoming shows and expect the see the full length out by the end of the summer.  

Also high on the list of exciting news is the reemergence of veteran indie - rock champions ANNOYING CUSTOMER.  Now if you missed these crazy kids their first time around I implore you to check out their live show.  They are one of the most fun shows you will ever see, injecting your soul with their own blend of explosive, catchy, power poppy, indie - rocking goodness.  I defy anyone to not get one of Shawn Gray's brilliantly and simplistically crafted song gems in their head on a continuous loop.  You wish you could right hooks like these.  As if this band playing consistently wasn't exciting enough there is the promise of a brand new studio E.P.  being released very soon.  Rumor has it that the E.P. will be released at their show on July 26th.  I strongly advise anyone and everyone to attend.  If you can not you might as well break out that list of LIFE REGRETS and write your absence on it now.  

Those are the two biggest nuggets of news for now but with several other recording projects in various stages of development there shall be no shortage of new music this year and that will also mean a new NOT ROCK SAMPLER will be in order.  Be on the lookout for various projects including ones from members of GRAYSTONE, the drummer from KHANTRA, an anthology from THE DO NOTHING MACHINE (rumor has it anyway),  and rumor also has it that our dear friend NED MEARS has begun to pick up a guitar again so one can only hope the world be graced with another brilliant record from this never ending source of talent.  I encourage you all to hunt him down and tell him to get working.  Until then I wish you all well and I hope to see you at a show.
                                                                                       JOHN FISHER
                                                                                       CO PREZ.


Anonymous said...

Ditto; I concur with my comrade in arms.
Except where he writes, "You wish you could right hooks like these." I wish to change that to "You wish you could write hooks like these."

Anonymous said...

Where is the new music I was promised?