Friday, October 31, 2008

Cliche "Public Service" Announcement #1

NotRock had intended on making a collective endorsement this election season, but, unfortunately, Mike Huckabee is apparently not on the ballot. This was a shock to us. Even more shocking was the realization that he hasn't been in contention since March 4, 2008 (time flies when you're not releasing records). Why would we endorse such a man? Solely because of this:

We really lost our chance to be definitively represented in American government, at least from a bass playing perspective. Even more so, perhaps if he had joined Khantra instead of that other guy with the SG bass they'd still be a band. Perhaps his Baptist wisdom and commitment to healthy living could have kept the fractious group together. On the downside, they would probably have developed into a terrible funky-rock core band.

With this in mind, NotRock recommends you not vote at all, because even funky-rock core is better than a socialist or an old man.

*Note, for future reference at this point, that in NJ one can request an absentee ballot for any reason and therefore avoid schlepping down to the local gymnasium to stand on line for a mere 10 second of anti-climatic button pushing. Also note that if you do live in NJ, it generally always goes Democrat in national elections - whether you vote or not will make no difference. The candidates know this and, obviously, don't spend any serious amount of time campaigning here.

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