Friday, March 27, 2009

To Be Sincere & Honest

Not much notrock news to report this week; if you're in the New Brunswick area, head over to the Court Tavern on Monday night, Insouciant will be stuffing so much candy into ears that they bleed.

I'll take the rest of this time to address a concern of mine. Why is "to be honest" an expression? Is this to say that most all of what folks (as a whole) say are lies? Shouldn't it just be assumed that someone is being "honest"?

That being said, from now on I suggest that "to be dishonest" become a new expression that we will use when we are about to spew forth untruths from our mouths, yes?

Done and Done
PS Head over to cdbaby and buy Insouciant's "Fall"; I hear its really good.

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