Friday, May 15, 2009

Saturday Nite

Did you ever participate in a watermelon eating contest? Of course you have. And you had an amazing time as well; I'm sure of it! Now, what's better than cold, sweet, watery fruit dripping from your chin on a warm afternoon? I know, I know. . . nothing, but, Insouciant will be playing a rock show this Saturday nite at the Lampost in Jersey City. If you're free you should definitely bind yourself to that pole of light. You shouldn't require added incentive to see Insouciant play, other than hearing Insouciant play, but they will be joined by The Poconos. I mean 300,000 or so people standing on one small stage is surely something you'd want to see, right?

PS: Is anyone else super excited for Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus?

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adamate8 said...

I absolutely adore the links. They quadrupple the amount of fun that the posts are!