Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hello everybody,  
Boy have the gears been turning since our last post.  The holiday season is swiftly approaching and that means one thing.  Retail hell.  However in much more pleasant news it also means the addition of a new NotRock Holiday Compilation  to the yuletide catalog.  After the success and joy of creating last year's compilation we all decided to make it an annual tradition.  The recordings are just being finished up and the art is being printed so expect to see a NotRock Holiday Compilation Volume: II the second week of December!   We've got some newcomers as well as old favorites so get excited people!  It's going to be great!

"Wait there was a Holiday Comp last year?" If you are asking that question then there is good news for all you oblivious folk and or people who may have just missed out on last years edition.  NotRock has just launched it's very own bandcamp site NotRockRecords.bandcamp.com.   On there you will find that compilation in all its glory (without all the fantastic packaging) ripe for the downloading.  Not only that but it's completely FREE!!!!    So slam that into your digi pods and check it out if you haven't yet.  p.s. You will also find this year's compilation there upon it's completion and ultimately all the other NotRock compilations of past and present. 

Hey all you NotRockRecords collectors out there (you know who you are), speaking of new releases, in addition to the new Holiday Comp NR-025 we are also proud to debut NR-026, NR-027, and NR-028!  

Ok ok I know NR-26 is Insouciant's Dresser and I know that's been out since last spring but that was just the digi download.  We now have tangible copies in the warehouse for sale for the low cost of $5 ppd!!!!  They come with really rad handmade packaging!  Ok ok yes I know that has also been available since summer but we are kind of slow in the heads over here and maybe we forgot to post about that when it was ready.  You can't win em all folks but regardless if you haven't checked out what Kyle Wilkerson calls "The best album of 2010" (we're pretty sure he said this) then pick up your copy here Insouciant.bandcamp.com and why not pick up a rad high quality two color print t-shirt while you're there for the low cost of $8 ppd.  

Ah onto NR-027 and NR-028.  These are both are albums by our dear friend/collaborator/artist musician exemplar BRYAN KWASNIK.  The first record "Somethings Are Important" dropped last June as a digi release but now is available in tangible form for all you kids who like to hold your records.  You can order one now for $5ppd from the notrock address or name your price digi download here if you haven't already.  The second "Get Through The Night" was just Just released on Nov. 29th for name your price digi download here and will be available as a tangible record as well in the near future.  I implore you to check out both these records because they are both fine gems that deserve to be in everyones record collection.  

I guess that's all the news that's fit to print at the moment.  Look for the upcoming NR-025  NotRock Holiday Compilation in the next couple weeks and if you haven't become a fan of NotRock on the facebooks yet please do so here.

Take care everyone and have safe and happy holidays.
- J.T.F.

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