Monday, March 31, 2014


Hello fellow earthians,

Welcome back as we close out the month of March with a big bang.  The first bit of extremely exciting news is that, after much trial and tribulation, NotRock Sampler Volume: IV has finally been released.  This massive two part compilation (our largest effort to date!) is rocking a whopping 45 tracks from different artists of varying genres so there's something for everybody.  Many of the tracks are exclusive to the compilation so you won't be able to hear them anywhere else!  Please download and share with anyone you can via the links provided below.  The physical copies will be a 2-disc cd release with a fold out liner available in 5 different colors. Those tangible copies are in production now and are expected to hit the streets in late April or early May. Stay tuned for info regarding the official release show for this jumbo record.
As stated above this comp is a two parter so be sure not to overlook part two!!!

Ok moving on to some other fun local stuff before we wrap for the month.  Rabbit Velvet, who has a track on the compilation listed above, just released a brand new 4-song E.P.  This band is unlike anything else going on in the NJ scene currently and is quite frankly a breath of fresh air (for the ears).  Check out the Fuzz Mother E.P. now!

Next up is a new E.P. from our friends in Fox Reactions (who also have a track on the comp above).  This self-titled E.P. packs in 3 songs of what Fox Reactions does best: throwing down intense, catchy, punk tunes in short controlled bursts. Clocking in just under five and a half minutes it's easy for this E.P. to leave you wanting more but it's worth the wait if they keep putting out records this good.  Check it out!

Alright, so last but not least we leave you with an E.P. from a newer music project called Mom's Favorite Flower.  This band is not on the above comp but if they surfaced a little sooner we would've asked them to be. Check out the Real Stuff E.P. for a couple of really nice indie tunes. Hopefully we'll see a lot more from this act in the future.

Well that's all the news fit to print this fine month.  Hopefully the coming weeks will see some warmer weather so you can roll the windows down whilst blasting these great new tunes.  Until next time take care, be kind, and make great art.

- J.T.F.

P.S. Oh by the way, the next chapter of John's movie Fallout Chronicles just came out! Check it out.

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