Saturday, May 31, 2014


Greetings Everybody,

We hope you're all doing well out there on planet Earth.  We're back to give you another small serving of music news this lovely (but slightly cold) month of May.  For any who may have missed it please do check out the recently released Hides A Well music video for their hit single "Secret Sitcoms".  It was directed by John and stars many a friend from the local music scene.  It's CARDBOARDTASTIC!!!!

In other news entia has entered the studio and tracked drums for five tunes.  In addition to that session off camber also tracked drums for the remaining unreleased/unrecorded material from their catalog.  It's currently unclear where or how the recordings from either band will be released but as this process continues we'll be sure to keep you informed.

On the friend front, our pal Francie Moon has embarked on an extensive summer tour and in conjunction has realeased a nice little companion record.  It contains 7 eclectic tunes covering the full spectrum of emotional tones.  Support the Francie Moon team and check it out! NotRock wishes F.M. the best of luck on tour!

Speaking of friends, Makout Vertigo has graced us with a 4 song EP serving up another helping of indie-pop gems.  "Slumber Party Wounds" is a fantastic follow up to their debut EP "Smoking In The Girls Room" and yet another solid entry to the ever growing Beta Snake Records catalog.  Our only complaint: Can we get a full length next time? Be sure to check out "Slumber Party Wounds" ASAP!

...and they released this really kick ass video to go along with it!

Well that's all the news fit to print this month.  Check in next month for updates on a whole mess of exciting stuff.  Hopefully the online shop will be updated by then as well.  Until then be kind, take care, and make good art!

- J.T.F.

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