Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Greetings fellow artists, musicians, and music enthusiasts,

It is that time of year again when we start the process of searching out music because the annual NotRock Holiday Compilation is upon us!  This year we will be releasing our 8th volume of music pertaining to the holiday/winter season and we're looking for contributions of original or cover songs.  If you or anyone you know would like to make a contribution send your material our way.  We're always happy to get contributors from years past as well as brand new ones.  All songs must be received by November 27th to ensure the compilation will be ready for the holiday season.  All songs must be submitted in WAV or AIFF format to either notrockrecords@gmail.com or our Facebook messenger.   As always examples of previous compilations can be viewed on or bandcamp page.  We very much look forward to what all of you fine folk have in store for us this year.

In other news, after a long time of very little output Please Exist is finishing up a LOT of recorded material.   Mid September they finished tracking for there forthcoming 12-Song LP "Slow Dance To The Apocalypse".  That record is on just the horizon with just the mixing and mastering process to go.  Even sooner may be the 5-Song EP "Let The Nighttime Live".  This EP, which is a sister EP to the previous "Let The Daytime Die" should wrap the final vocal tracking in early October.  In addition, Please Exist will finally be releasing their 7" Dominic b/w Good Morning Goodbye in early 2017 as well as a split cassette with Deja Gravy.  Much more details on these releases next month!

Things have slowed down a tad for Hides A Well after releasing their second LP "Small Town Museums" but Bryan has been at work on the next full length as well as as a split EP with Pixl-Visionary based on... the classic Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time video game for N64!  Pretty rad right?  In the meantime give "Small Town Museums" another whirl.

That'll be all the news fit to print this month.  Sorry for the lack of updates folks but as always the unfun aspects of life tend to slow creative activity and output.  Never give up and never stop creating.   Speaking of which, go and get to work on your holiday song submission for this year!  We can't wait to hear it! Until next time...  be kind, create art, and take care.

- J.T.F.

P.S. John released the next chapter of his film serial FALLOUT CHRONICLES in early September!  It features many a NotRock actor and a bitchin score by Bryan Kwasnik.  Check it out!

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