Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Hello Everybody!

Many apologies for the lack of posts this year.  Do know that even though things slow to a simmer at times these days, things are in fact always cooking.

First up and MOST IMPORTANT it is that time of year where another Holiday Compilation is upon us and WE NEED YOU!  That's right we are currently looking and taking submissions for the 2017 NotRock Holiday Compilation.  This will be our 9th (can you believe it?) consecutive year where we will be releasing a seasonal compilation jam-packed with songs relating directly or indirectly to the holiday season and or winter in general.  As always both originals and covers are welcome but covers need to be cleared with us to avoid multiple submissions of the same song.  Songs must be submitted in aif or wav form by November 27th to notrockrecords@gmail.com or via our Facebook page messenger.  More details can be found on the comp event page.  We look forward to hearing all your submissions!

 Next up is PLEASE EXIST!  If you've missed the the fanfare last month surrounding the release of their LP "Slow Dance To The Apocalypse" then look no further.  The 12 song album is available NOW for streaming/download via their bandcamp page.

In addition to the LP, Please Exist also sneaked a 5 song EP under the radar in August.  "Let The Nighttime Live" is a follow-up/sister EP to their previous "Let The Daytime Die".  Check it out now!

If it seams like Please Exist will be taking it easy after all that think again!  They are currently recording 5 new tracks to be featured on a split release with our great buds DejaGravy.  In addition they will finally release the long in production "Dominic" single b/w "Good Morning Goodbye" in the coming months.  We'll have more info on those upcoming releases soon and perhaps some more surprises in the works.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Other things of note: DISSERIPH has graced the world with another astounding EP.  Waste no more time and check it out immediately.

Speaking of projects the great Adam Kaniper is involved in, check out this video of the debut show from BURY YOURSELF.  It will absolutely knock your socks and shoes off!!!

Well we believe that may be all the news fit to print this month.  There's probably something else big we're forgetting about.  Oh well, next time.  Until then be kind, be happy, and take care!

- J.T.F.

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