Sunday, January 2, 2022

Happy New Year! Here's What We Did With The Last One...

 Greetings Everybody! 

As we start our 22nd year we'd like share with you what's been going on with the 21st.  Most notably we spent a large portion of 2021 combing through the archives, going through piles of old CDRs, cassettes and videos in order to bring you the second Volume of our 20th Anniversary Collection.  NotRock was founded in 2000 but our first official release wasn't until 2001 so Volume 2 of our 20th Anniversary compilation celebrates twenty years of NotRock releases from 2001 to 2021. Where our first Volume contained songs from every one of our releases, this volume showcases the steps taken to get to there by featuring rare demos, b-sides, and live tracks.  The audio quality ranges from polished studio tracks to gritty live audio pulled of twenty year old videos. At times we decided the importance of a track/performance being documented here outweighed the quality of the original audio source. This companion volume is a musical journey of musicians and friends whose songs here are full of what ifs and almosts. From Annoying Customer tracks that predate NotRock to Feu De Joie, Entia and Please Exist on the radio! Everything we could find of historical interest/importance in the NotRock archives has been included here. There may even be a secret bonus song if you download the album.  Check it out now: 

This past December, just in time for the 10th anniversary of Disseriph's debut EP, NotRock has put together an Anthology album collecting all of the EPs, Singles, Compilation Tracks, and Live Stuff in on convenient place.  Spanning 2011 to 2017 here's all the brilliance Disseriph created collected finally under the NotRock banner.  

In addition to those epic releases, 2021 also saw two classic Lettebox EPs coming home under the NotRock banner for safe keeping.  2004's Your Worst Revenge and the 2005 EP are now available for your listening/downloading pleasure.  The official artwork for the 2005 EP is still being searched for so for now there is a placeholder as the cover image.  Revisit these classic EPs and relive a pop punk era that todays music is missing! 

That's all the news fit to print this month.  Tune in next time where we should have released the debut record from REYNOLDS 853 and have a solid update on Please Exist's forthcoming DOUBLE ALBUM! until then take care, be well, and be kind.  Here's hoping 2022 will let us have safe live music again. 

Best Regards,

- J.T.F.  

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