Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cultural Relevance: 0; Apathy: 1; Empathy: ?

For those of you still paying attention, a grand experiment has failed. It started with trolling our own blog, and then trolling our own comments. Unfortunately, it appears that no amount of banter or controversy will drive traffic towards this website. With this in mind - and record sales dwindling - we have no choice but to post legitimate news.

To start the ball rolling, we'll let you in on a secret. In about ten days John's drums, the very ones used in the likes of Khantra, Insouciant, Do Nothing and FDJ will be going up on eBay to raise funds for Khantra's South American tour. Keep your eyes peeled.


Anonymous said...

Khantra is playing again?

Anonymous said...

from someones very distant vantage point the earth passes behind the sun once more and creates a crosseyed monster in the cosmos. so too is our vantage point, at a severe distance from our place in a sphere of relevance, as it eclipses disinterest and the two become indestinguishable.
from this vantage point the mirror tells me the armpit holes in my most beloved letterbox t-shirt make it unsuitable to wear in to work, as shallow as this metaphor may appear it holds an immutable fact of the passage of time and the nature of impermanence. i have lost sight of whether my shape has pressed itself into the shirt or if the shirt has contained and constrained my growth like the lattice surrounding and hedge sculpture.
where am i going with this? at no point, ever, in the presence, existence or history of NotRock has it ever clung to any material thing. formless as smoke that passes through a keyhole notrock endured as an ideal, at its most tangible it was a common thread that stitched ideas to idealists, and attached the music of hearts and minds to bodies of fingers and teeth.
and as a new generation with its own set rules, rule breakers and communication strategies proves that our efforts were not for nothing, they also prove that our brand of hand crafted music, our attentive and thoughtfull offering has a place and relevance.
that place unfortunately is downstream and gaining momentum.
this is not an epitaph, it is a salute to change. something we always stood for, and now stand in the shadow of.
thank everyone, always.
lovefull heights.
-that guy

Anonymous said...

Rebirth: the process of being reincarnated or born again.

resurrection: the act or fact of being resurrected.

reawakening: restore, emerge once again.

reemergence: emerge again, come into sight or prominence once more.

resurgence: increasing or reviving after a period of little activity, popularity, or occurrence.

revolution: a dramatic change in the way something works or is organized or in people's ideas about it.

adamate8 said...

My head is in a sackcloth right now. I had to seach my brain for a page in one of my old note books. This is what i found:
Well, I couldn't find the actual note book and the only part I can remember is:
sad:affected by sorrow.
saddle:a seat for a rider.
the definition comment jarred my memory.These blog things are damn fun.

Anonymous said...

What?!?! Please tell me you will play a show again. Especially east coast!