Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hello all,
Things are mighty busy over here as the final touches are being put on the new NotRock Sampler. Production is in full swing right now but we're taking a small pause in the massive production to reveal some of the exciting details of this highly anticipated new compilation volume to you. First off we have to say that we are extremely pleased with the shear volume of artists who have contributed music to this project. Everyone has been extremely positive embracing this project from the start and nothing makes this more apparent than the high caliber of material that will be featured on it.
- Return of the NotRock Sampler Volume: III will feature an unprecedented 30 tracks that will span the length of 2 compacted discs. YES TWO DISCS! It will be released initially in this CD format followed soon thereafter by a digital download version.
- There will be a limited edition first pressing of 200 (only!) hand numbered copies that feature exclusive special packaging!
- The regular (second pressing) edition will be available in a five color assortment (as the previous volumes have been) and will be completely FREE! The purpose of this compilation is to share and expose people to a lot of the great music that our friends are out there making right now. It's free because not only do we want to share it with you but we would like YOU to share it with others as well. These artists are making fantastic music and the world deserves to hear it. Please help us share it with them. Speaking of the fine artists featured on this compilation, it's time they were revealed to you.
- The bands/artists that will be featured on the NotRock Sampler Volume: III are as follows (in no particular order): Insouciant*, The Human Era*, Annoying Customer*, Please Exist*, Melissa & Paul*, Rabbit Troupe*, Hides A Well*, Russell*, Control, Young Legs*, Clint Peter*, Riley Stallings*, The Ashes*, Little Light, John T. Fisher*, The Benedict Arnold Trade School*, Bunyan/Quasar, Bryan George*, End Transmission*, Systolic Reverie*, Four Fingers*, Matt Olsson*, Young American Artists*, The Arts and Crafts Movement*, 4Headed Monster, Cephalopods And Their Allies*, Gypsy Wig, Kamp Koala, BDFM*, and Disseriph*.
- * are exclusive tracks that can only be found on this comp!
- Well that's all for now kiddies! Look for NotRock Sampler Volume: III in early July. We can't wait for you to hear all the great music on it! Until then take care and thanks for your support.
- J.T.F.

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