Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer's Over Here's a Brief Update

Hello everybody! Welcome back.

There's not too much kicking around this month except the now deep into production NotRock Sampler Volume: IV.  The tracks are more or less all in at this point and the design stage is kicking into full gear.  It will be our biggest comp to date sporting almost, if not, 40 songs by the following artists: Hides A Well, Please Exist, Disseriph, Parliament of Owls, John T. Fisher, Atlas, Makeout Vertigo, Young American Artists, Skateboard Kyle, Smoke Tomb, Jayce Rova, Bible Fiction, Lost Wax, Deja Gravy, Young Legs, Little Light, Cephalopods and Their Allies, We Used To Love, Sally, Earth Anchor, Tiny Teeth, The Dark Matters, Fox Reactions, Purple Suns, Francie Moon, Badeda Ladies, Frootza, Hipstercrite, Kamp Koala, Second Born Sun, Jinxter, Bad Pilgrim, Riley Stallings, Pixl Visionary, Rabbit Velvet, JKB3, Dirty Thirties, Brick Mower, Avoider, and possibly a couple others.  It's looking like a possible digital release in September with a physical release on CD in Oct. There's a lot of great content on this release that we can't wait to share with you so stay tuned for more complete info next month!

Hides A Well's full length was just this past week whisked away to get mastered up proper.  Hopefully that sucker will be released into the world next month sometime.  The Disseriph Hides A Well Ukelele split will finally see itself released in September.  Official details on that next month!

Unfortunately that's all the time we have for this month.  We will leave you with this recent video of our good friends Hell Mary playing some really wicked new jams!

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