Sunday, August 4, 2013

This is the July post despite the fact it is now August.

Hello kiddies,

Time for another single serving of monthly NotRockage.  A lot of stuff has happened scince our last post so we'll get down to it.

Do to some computer failures and the loss of photoshop (don't fret it's has since been reacquired) some upcoming NotRock releases have been delayed a tiny bit, mainly the Hides A Well/Disseriph split.  This fine little EP is back on track and although this train may be a little late we assure you it will arrive at the station.

NotRock Sampler Volume: IV is now well underway.  The layouts are being designed and the music submissions are pouring in.  Thus far it looks like this volume will be around 30 tracks again however it's a tiny bit premature to tell for sure.  Expect a full update and band listing next month (actually later this month).

Ok enough about our shortcomings.  Here's some stuff you should be aware of on the aural front:

Hopefully you're already aware of the fine musical phenomenon known as Atlas.  If you are good.  If not you've got catching up to do.  On July 19th Atlas released "With Love, Evelyn McHale", an 8 song EP onslaught of post-hardcore pleasure to much fanfare.  If you missed the release show we feel bad for you because it was truly incredible.  Sadly, short of you having access to flux-capacitor equipped delorean, not much can be done about that. The next best thing to do would be to pick up a copy of their EP immediately, slam it into your music device and play ad nauseum.  It's not the groundbreaking record of the century but nor is it trying to be.  "With Love, Evelyn McHale" encompasses what Atlas does and does very well.  They write and play heavy, melodic, high-energy, rock tunes that are very easy to swallow because they are in fact crafted that way.  Masterfully I might add.  All the songs are very stimulating to the ear from the beginning of the first notes through their often epic conclusions.     The instrumentation is very well balanced and kept right where it needs to be without getting too flashy or technical but still has enough spice to make this effort anything but run of the mill.  The drum and bass tie-ins really launch this music above and beyond what would already be a great listen.  Atlas is a fantastic band to see live and they are a fantastic band to listen to on the stereo.   Give it a whirl and you'll be singing along before it's done.  They also get mega bonus points for sampling/referencing an excellent Twilight Zone episode.  Very damn good. 

Didn't get your fill from the recent Forever On The Fence EP?  Well do not fret because the hardcore machine that is Hell Mary seems to be constantly moving forward writing and preforming new songs.  They have recently posted a brand new tune for our listing pleasure.   Brutally intense and consistent with their previous material "Choir Of One" satiates the thirst we were left with when FOTF was released, but on a little bit.  One song is not enough.  Hopefully we will get loads more from this band.  

Last month we told you about Purple Suns forthcoming EP.  Well it came out and it's awesome.  If we had to sum it up in one word, HEAVY would be the one.  That would however be selling this band and EP short of all the excellent dynamics and anergy that is mustered up on the four song "Yours", a perfect follow up to their great "Mines" EP.  This has been a really impressive year for Purple Suns thus far so hopefully the trend will continue and in a couple months we'll get another EP entitled "Ours".

 Holy crap!  A good buddy of ours on the west coast put a band together and just released a fantastic record!  Earth Anchor is band that you should pay attention to because although they are just getting started, they have the potential to be the next big thing.  Get in on the ground floor with their first EP and a bonus record of B-sides and covers!  Great stuff.  Highly recommended.

  Let's now take a moment to talk about an ensemble that is unlike anything else going on in the NJ scene or anywhere else for that matter.  Bedtime Stories is a folky, ambient, spoken word experience that is truly something to behold.  They just released their debut full length and it's pretty darn cool.  We really appreciate the unique presentation of this band and the fact that they just plain exist.  We defy you to not feel the emotional weight of "These Hearts Aren't Broken".  It should be very interesting to see what they come up with for a follow up record.  Wherever it may go NotRock will be along for the ride.       

  The second effort from Second Born Son is certainly a welcome one.  "Songs To Ride Your Bike At Night To" is a four song wallop of really nice, catchy but still rocking, acoustic songs that much like their first EP leave you wanting more.  Give us a full length next time!  None the less this EP is great anytime music so as they say: No time like the present.  

Greyscale is a band from Tennessee that we had the pleasure of catching at a local show a couple nights ago.  This was first time in a long time we've been so blown away by a bands live show.  The energy and intensity of their set was through the roof and their songwriting is inspiring to say the least.  Buy their records and if you can you absolutely should check out their live show!

Well that is all the news fit to print for July.  Catch you back here in less than 30.  As we part ways enjoy this Off Camber video from one of the last Secret Art Space shows.
- J. T. F.

p.s. Summer is halfway over.  CARPE DIEM!!!!!!

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