Friday, January 31, 2014


Welcome back and Happy New Year Kiddies!

We are coming at you with a brief last minute update for the frigid month of January...

Now that all that Holiday hogwash is behind us the train is back on the rails and headed for NotRock Sampler IV station.  This is our most jam packed compilation yet sporting a whopping 45 tracks!  This digital/2 CD release will have tracks by: Atlas, Avoider, Bad Pilgrim, Bible Fiction, Brick Mower, Cephalopods And Their Allies, Deja Gravy, Dirty Thirties, Disseriph, Earth Anchor, Fox Reactions, Francie Moon, Frootza, Hell Mary, Hides A Well, Hipstercrite, Human Era, Jayce Rova, Jinxter, JKB3, Joe Egan, John T. Fisher, Kamp Koala, Little Light, Lost Wax, Makeout Vertigo, Parliament Of Owls, Pixl Visionary, Please Exist, Purple Suns, Rabbit Velvet, Riley Stallings, Sally, Second Born Son, Skateboard Kyle, Smoke Tomb, The Dark Matters, The Lampshades, The Lies, Thera Roya, Tiny Teeth, Trans Charger Metropolitan, We Used To Love, Young American Artists, and Young Legs.  All the elements have come together and physical production (hopefully it'll all fit on 2 CD's)  begins very soon.  The digital release will be available next month!!! Stay tuned for our February post which will include info about the physical release and the show(s) that will commemorate said compilation.

The next exciting tidbit of news is that Please Exist recently went into Missile Silo Studios to track two songs that will be released for their first and NotRock's very first 7" record!  Much more on that will be revealed next month.  Stay tuned!

So far 2014 is off to a pretty good start so stick around and see what else we've got cooking!

Sorry but that's all the news fit to print this month.  There's too much to do!!!

Make ART and be kind,


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