Sunday, July 19, 2015


Well it sure has been a long time hasn't it?  What the hell has been going on that it's taken so long for a current page update? The answer is life, mixed with other ambitions, mixed with forgetfulness, mixed with slight laziness.  The good news is that WE'RE STILL HERE!  Even though we don't always get the chance to do updates as frequently as we would like, (we need an intern) that doesn't mean people haven't been hard at work creating great stuff for you to enjoy.  Here's some great stuff you've missed out on the last couple months; there's some fabulous news updates peppered in this post as well.

First up is the just released NR-051, the new EP "Another Failure" from HIDES A WELL.  This fine nugget of music is a collection of four new songs and four old demos that were found in the archives.  While we're on this subject, it pleases us to announce that in the last few months, Hides A Well has begun aggressively recording their next full length album.  Most of all the instrumentation has been tracked and production on vocals has begun.  Thus far everything is coming along just swimmingly.  With eleven or so tracks that the band is quite proud of, this LP is sure to be a fantastic follow up to "From A Safe Distance".  We'll keep you updated as this record progresses.  Here's hoping we get a cardboard sequel video to Secret Sitcoms with this new release.

Next in the queue is Please Exist.  Despite having very little tangible output to date, this band will not stop.  They continue to write songs that propel their sound forward and challenge themselves musically.    Back in January they began recording their second full length (the first one is stuck in limbo hell) at the great Missile Silo Studios.  Over a few sessions they completed all the drum and guitar tracks for 12 songs! Vocal sessions to begin the first weekend in August.  Everything sounds super epic and it's not even close to being done yet!  In addition to that record Please Exist continues to write songs that will be recorded soon for an EP also due out this year.  Their two song 7" is still expected for release in the very near future.  Updates will be posted as per.

Ok here's some other stuff you may have missed from our friends and associates in the last few months.

Back in February the legendary Adam Kaniper dropped this completely unexpected 4 song bomb on the world.  The heavy, mathy craziness of PERMANENT TENSION is absolutely perfect and brilliant.  The EP is titled "Laughing My Face Off" but it will more than likely blow your face off.  For the people out there making generic cookie cutter hardcore music "Laughing My Face Off" is a lesson in how to not make something like that.  Take this lesson please.

Our dear friend Young Legs recently released a fantastic collection of songs that compiles all the tunes recorded for and released on various compilations over the last few years.  NotRock had the privilege of releasing many of these songs and we are just as proud of them as ever.  Beautiful, beautiful music that's not to be missed.

Oh Control, where to begin…  CONTROL is one of those legendary bands that we've been so happy to have known since their inception.  It's been great to watch and occasionally be a part of their musical journey over the last few years.  For awhile it seemed like we may never get new music from this fantastic band but May of 2015 rolled around and here it is!  Four songs worthy of their already impressively catchy, rocking catalogue of music makes up one half of a split LP with newcomers ENTIA.  Before we get to them check out the Control side!

Self proclaimed presidents of rock ENTIA have launched their debut on the backside of the aforementioned split with Control.  Recorded by James Theesfeld and mastered by J. Robbins, contained here are five tunes of mathy, heavy, rocking weirdness that are sure to wet the appetite of at least a few people.  Check it out.  And while we're on the subject of ENTIA here's a video they made with Eric Michael Roman:

Ok kiddies that post should get us back on track for a bit.  That's all we've got for this month. See you back here in 30 (hopefully) where maybe we'll have some new info on the long planned, tedious, NotRock databasing effort that is well underway.  As we part ways we leave you with this fun music video John shot, directed and edited for out good friend Pat Llewellyn.  Until next time…

Be kind and take care,

- J.T.F.

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