Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Howdy everybody,

Welcome to fall 2015.  We at NotRock are excited to finally be in the zone where we can all wear long pants, sweaters, and scarves without suffering from heatstroke.  We are also dealing with the harsh reality of bracing ourselves for the inevitable frost ridden impact that winter will soon be bringing.  The good news is that along with the approaching ice age, the holiday season will again be upon us and with that will come the 7th annual NotRock Holiday Compilation!

For those unfamiliar, as aforementioned, this will be the 7th year NotRock will be putting together a fun filled compilation of songs having to do with various winter holidays and or the winter season in general.   These compilations will be released digitally as well as in COMPACT DISC format!  Having said all that, consider this post our 7th annual plea for holiday compilation content.  All genres of music are welcome!  That means YOU!  We want your songs!!!  Original songs and covers are both welcome; however covers must be approved first to avoid duplicates.

All songs must be finished and sent in by November 15th. We will put together the CDs and distribute them in the beginning of December (usually at a release show) so everyone has time to enjoy them before the holidays are over.

If you'd like to participate in this epic compilation send your song submissions (in either WAV of AIFF format) to We look forward to hearing your music. For examples of previous years compilations check out 

In other NotRock related news, Please Exist is still hard at work recording their second LP entitled "Slow Dance To The Apocalypse".  To date all the instruments have been tracked and the majority of vocals are completed.  Only four of the twelve songs remain.  The record should be very near, if not absolutely complete by the end of the year.  In the interim Please Exist promises us an new track for the Holiday Comp and T-Shirts by the end of 2015.  Keep your eyes peeled folks.

Hides A Well has also been very hard at work finishing up their second LP.  All the major elements are in place with just some minor additional tracking to remain.  In addition Hides are working on some additional new material for the Holiday Comp and a new EP that will be due out the beginning of 2016.  So expect a lot of new material from that band very soon. On that subject,  in very exciting news,  Hides A Well's very own Bryan Kwasnik is publishing his first book!  "The Jellyfish Monster" will be available in the coming months and for the low price of $12.95 you can pre-order a signed copy here from Bryan's author page.  Get on it!

Lastly, we will leave you with some intel from the local scene.  We just learned the wonderful news that our comrades, Hell Mary, have just dropped their new LP.   Dropped like a giant ferocious 10 song atom bomb.  Over the last couple years Hell Mary have gone through a few shifts in their line up but have never fallen short of releasing great and intense hardcore.   Their first full length is no exception.  We at NotRock like our hardcore LOUD, INTENSE, and ANGRY.  That's exactly what Hell Mary has given us in spades with their self titled LP.  We cannot recommend this enough for fans of the band or fans of hardcore in general.  Check it out immediately!

Ok kiddies that's all the news we have for this lovely month.  Join us next month where we will posting our favorite recipes for turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings.   Maybe.  Anyway until then be kind, take care, and start recording some content for this years holiday comp!

- J.T.F.

P.S. Chapter 4 of John's movie Fallout Chronicles has also been officially released. Here it is with  new sound mix and finished visual FX. Check it out!

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