Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hey Kiddies!

This is Johnny here with a last minute post to hold you over until the July post.  There's not too much to report in the immediate NotRock family but as per usual there are lots of great things going on in the local music scene.

IDES.  WOW!  Do you know this band? I've had the pleasure of playing a couple of shows with them now and I can't say enough about how awesome they are.   Their show is the most fun I've had seeing a hardcore band in almost a decade.  This band is definitely and absolutely the epitome of dynamite coming in small packages.   Looking at the four band members, I see average twenty somethings hanging out at show...  until they take stage and completely take over the room.  High intensity, super high energy and absolutely explosive.   Check out their latest ep! Do yourself a favor and get to one of their shows.

NotRock has had the pleasure of releasing a song by BDFM on the NotRock Sampler Volume: III.  Well just recently these crazy kids released their very first EP: The Artist & His Lover.  It's an absolute blast of bluesy, ukulele, punk-rock!  "How can I hear/obtain this awesome record?"  Well luckily for you it's available for download or physical CD purchase here.  Of course you could also make it out to one of their many shows and request the record personally.  Either way you should give this rad record from one of the most unique bands around a whirl ASAP.  "WAKE, BREATH, EAT, DREAM, WRITE, THINK FOR YOURSELF. SING SONGS THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN."  That's an anthem if I've ever heard one.

Riley Stallings, another good friend of the NotRock family,  has finally graced us with her much anticipated full length debut: The Grand Scheme Of Things.  If you know her from previous NotRock Comp releases then you are already familiar (if not then you'd best become) with her beautiful voice graceful guitar-work and catchy song-writing.  This record, as expected, is no exception.  Fantastic production and full instrumentation on this record takes it above and beyond something special.  This record is a gem.  Check it out here.  Riley PLEASE keep doing what you're doing.

Well that's all that's fit  to print this month. See you back here in July!   Hopefully there'll be some very exciting news to report about HIDES A WELL.



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