Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy February Everyone!

Welcome back for another serving of always nutritious and plentiful NotRock related news.

WOW! Right out of the gate we have a whopper to tell you about!  Please Exist's new EP (NR-039) has a title: LET THE DAYLIGHT DIE.  AND the lightspeed production of recording, mixing, & mastering this EP has been completed!  IT'S DONE!!! The physical record is in production currently and it will bare a release date of MARCH 15th!  The release show will be held in Byram NJ at the C. O. Johnson Fieldhouse.  Finally, the world will have a tangible release by these heavy hitters. Let the countdown begin!

Other excellent news regarding the Please Exist show on March 15th is that it will see the triumphant return of  Courtney Stodden Age Sixteen! Dormant since last spring CSAS have been slowly picking away at their much anticipated debut LP: In Labored Lockstep.  We're told that they have only a couple instrument tracks left and then vocals to finish up the recording.   Even though we have to wait a little while longer to get our grubby, little, cheetos-stained fingers on their record it is exciting to know the wait to see these fellows on stage again is just around the corner.

Oh Insouciant!  How we miss you.  This is stressed even more so now that a rough mix for Consolation  Prize (a track off their much anticipated, post-hiatus full length) has surfaced on their bandcamp page.  Does this mean the boys are back at work on finishing up this record?  Not necessarily since the date of the rough mix is from 2011.  Still, we sure hope it does because although we need no reminder of how great Insouciant was, this song is a shinning example of them at their very best.  Here's hoping more of these tunes surface very soon.  Maybe some surprises as well?

For any of you out there that have been following NotRock since the beginning, Frank Barbiere needs no introduction.  For the newer comrades, Frank was the guitar player and lead vocalist for pop-punk extraordinaires LETTERBOX.  Although he still plays music, these days he is currently making quite a name for himself writing comics.  His new pulp adventure FIVE GHOSTS: The Haunting of Fabian Gray is getting a lot of buzz and makes it's debut March 20th on Image Comics!  This looks like an absolute blast and the art is just phenomenal!  Frankly (no pun intended) we can't wait to check this book out.  Keep up on the FIVE GHOSTS facebook page with what's sure to be a huge hit!  And be sure to head to your local comic shop on March 20th and pick up a copy or two!

While we're on the subject of non-music things let's divert our attention to video games. Shawn and Jesse of Annoying Customer have started up EIGHT GENERATIONS a podcast that is all about their love and life of playing those electronic games.   This podcast is a lot of fun even if you're not a hardcore gamer.  In this podcast they cover games they grew up with, games they're playing now, history of different consoles and platforms, and a lot of other great stuff that makes the listen completely worthwhile.  CHECK IT OUT HERE! Keep up the good work guys!

In closing we thought we'd tell you about BIBLE FICTION.  We've caught these guys at a Please Exist show and have been listening to them since.  Bible Fiction is like one of those really awesome bands you saw in the HYPE! documentary that you had to search out and buy the record of after you watched it.  In other words the totally slam on stage and it'd be in your best interest to check them out.  They have a new 7" out now that you can find on there homepage.  In the meantime enjoy this video that has VHS tape in abundance.

Well that's all the news fit to print for this lovely fragile February.  See you in March!
- J.T.F.

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