Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Egg Day!

Hey kiddies! It's time for your monthly dose of NotRock related hoopla.  This one will be a tad brief as we still have eggs to dye and hide.  None the less, the news we bring in this post is of a very joyous, exciting nature.

First up is Insouciant.  That's right friends!  Never say never because as of March 30th Insouciant began tracking a brand new EP.  We're told it will consist of 5 tracks: 2 newer ones that were written  just before their hiatus, 2 reworked classic tunes, and 1 completely brand new song that no one else has ever heard.  This doesn't mean these fellas will be gearing up to play a show anytime soon but just the thought of our ears hearing some new Insouciant recordings is enough to keep us jumping for joy for quite some time.  Here's hoping once they complete this EP they'll finish up that full length we were promised!  We'll keep you updated as this project develops and of course you can follow their progress directly via their facebook or tumblr.

Next on deck is Please Exist.  Their new EP "Let The Daytime Die" is out and available now!  It has been added to the record shop page and in the coming days will have a button for purchasing tangible CD copies with snazzy packaging of the EP instead of just the digi download.  Be sure to check this out immediately because it's not one to be missed.

Lastly, aside from Hides A Well  putting the finishing touches on their full length (which we expect to have a late April or early May release) they will also be teaming up and releasing a split UKELELE EP with DISSERIPH! How awesome is that?!?!?! Recording on this fun little record has already begun so hopefully we'll see that very soon.  Stay tuned for more intel on that.

So far the growth and blooming of spring has put 2013 on track for a very exciting and productive year for the NotRock family.  We look forward to sharing lots more great records with you as the year progresses.  Until then, enjoy watching the 10 Commandments on tv this weekend, eat lot's of jelly beans,  and support independent business, music, and art.  Happy spring everybody!  See you back here in 30.

- J.T.F.

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