Monday, January 14, 2008

New Mailing List

Over the years we have complied a large list of e-mail addresses. However, it is likely that for every new one collected, another was recorded incorrectly or abandoned by its owner. To get a better sense who's interested, we're setting up a new mailing list.

To be added, send an e-mail to notrockrecords "at", of course replacing "at" with @ and eliminating the spaces. Feel free to include a subject, preferably something that will not get shunted into the spam folder.

If that's too much effort, rest assured that anything e-mailed out will also be posted on, as well as The advantage of taking 30 seconds to get on the mailing list comes when we decide to do some highly-limited mailing list only releases. Granted you can steal the songs from your friends, but you won't have the artwork.

Further, if NotRock ever has a cash windfall and an inordinate amount of time and accomplices available, we promise to release something on vinyl for the mailing list alone. Perhaps that is adequate incentive...

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