Wednesday, January 9, 2008 Changes

Changes have been made to the NotRock website and the way it is hosted on the internet. The domain,, will remain, but the website has been reformatted into a blog. The start page will show the most current posts, as well as contact and ordering info, links to NR bands, and the complete catalog. A $ means the record is available; records without a price are out of print. Send an e-mail to if you want to be added the new mailing list - there just might be new releases this year.

Posts are currently open for comment. If the unfettered, anonymous internet democracy becomes a problem, comments will require approval or will be shut off depending on administrative desires.

The switch is for several reasons:
1. Cheaper; no more paying for content hosting.
2. Access; NotRock can edit and anyone can comment without web-design knowledge.
3. Web-based; no Flash, Photoshop or time for detailed site design needed.

Thanks to those that are still reading for your continued support and interest,
NotRock & Co.

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