Thursday, January 10, 2008

News Archive

Here's a collection of the sporadic news updates from the last two sites, starting 03/2004:

11.21.06 - New Release! Feu de Joie and Graystone have new full length records out now - see catalog for details.

08.15.06 - Current catalog is up - several new releases are nearing completion.

07.30.06 - New site with more news and website updates to follow. Feu de Joie site in the works.

12.01.05 - It is now almost the end of the year, and there's news to go around. Look for info on the site on Fue de Joie and their upcoming record. Khantra quietly went on indefinite hiatus twelve days after the last news announcement. Their final interview accompanied a special feature in the Sunday Washington Post that week - see the archives at your local library for details. The rumor mill has it that there are basically no active bands on the roster except for Fue de Joie, although officially this is unconfirmed as contact is sparse after the hurricane tore through. We are considering taking legal action to hold several of these musical outfits to the obligations agreed to in their contracts.

08.12.05 - It's been a while, so here's the big news round up. Ned's solo project is now available. This is not a typo. It is $3, unless he just gives you one, and the first cd is amazing, and I haven't listened to the other one yet because it's on one of those small cds that I'm not about to put into my car player. In other news, Graystone and Adzam have full lengths on the way, and as a reminder Insouciant has a newish single out with the best material to date.

02.25.05 - Just a reminder. Tomorrow is Jamnesty. Unfortunately Khantra is not playing this year, but that's no reason not to attend... And that is because NotRock is being represented by two excellent bands, both relatively new. They are Feu De Joie (Ralph, James, and John), and Adzam (Tom and Greggy), and they will be playing at 550 Ridgewood Road in Maplewood with our good friends Kid Presentable (show starts at 12, see for details).

01.08.05 - Small updates. As previously stated a new Insouciant single is out and a sound sample has just been added to the media page. There is also a new song available off Graystone's Tunnel Light EP.

12.16.04 - It's a great day for all you Insouciant fans, a new single has just been released, featuring three, count 'em, three songs. See our catalog page for all the info and how to get a copy. Soon other things will be released as well, but at the moment I do not know what they are. Have a happy and safe holiday season, and remember, there are no dinosaurs in the bible.

10.29.04 - The new Graystone EP, Tunnel Light, is now officially available from NotRock. It contains 6 brand new songs and can be purchased for $3, see catalog page for details. Also, if you have not seen the Khantra site in a while, please note that the show at Cedar Lake scheduled for Oct. 30 has been cancelled - we are also dismayed.

10.14.04 - Sorry for the lack of updates. Good news and bad news all around... Annoying Customer has apparently reunited and will be playing a show with Khantra down in south NJ on Nov. 6. The new Graystone EP is complete but you wouldn't know it yet because Brian should be scanning the cover and e-mailing it to me for the catalog. Lastly, Emphasis is no more. Other projects are currently in the works by many people, more details to follow.

07.15.04 - Yes, the new Khantra full length, "The Red Album," was released with little fanfare some time ago. You can order it now along with the new Adzam. A new Graystone EP is nearly complete. Sound samples will be available soon for all the new stuff.

05.21.04 - Welcome to the new NotRock website in production. In addition to the design overhaul we are getting ready for a deluge of updates including the upcoming release of a Khantra full length, a change in direction for Emphasis, a bunch of other releases, and info on some new projects. And perhaps there will be some shows as well. Stay tuned.

03.12.04 - Upcoming excitements include the release of Graystone's second E.P., Khantra recording, and two tentative shows in April (one featuring Khantra, the other Emphasis) both on the same weekend! See band websites for details.

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