Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Notrock [is] figuratively dead

The response to our new website and mailing list? Lackluster.
Our cultural irrelevance after releasing nothing in 2007? Second to none.
Our current plans? There is always talk.
[We] got a bone to pick with capitalism and it’s because there are no capitalists willing to throw money at a diffusely organized collective with no business plan.
So what are we to do? Expand the franchise…

{A summary of the remaining text can be accessed in perpetuity through the link at screen right.}

NotRock is looking for bands; here is what we are looking for:

We are willing to work with anyone, but the collective, cross-promotion system works best for those in Morris County and Northern New Jersey.

To date we have released music recordings, but we have projects underway in film, photography and literature. Anything that can be mass produced is of interest. Mass produced means a first run of 50-1,000 copies depending on projected demand and promotion.

We are not interested in material that is racist, sexist, homophobic or of similar caliber. We are not opposed to any recording technique that sounds good, but a stereo mix is obviously preferred. If you need assistance recording please contact us and we will work out an arrangement.

NR Catalog #
To get a number for a completed CD, e-mail the following to
Band name and photo
Web site
Link to music samples
Short biography (approx 300 words)
Album Name, Track #, Year Released
Photo/scan of the album cover, sample from insert and CD

If the above information is consistent with the criteria below we will issue you a number. Catalog numbers will not be issued until records are ready to produce; in the past, numbers have been locked up for years as the recording or production process stalls. We will then add your release to our catalog. This is not limited to new releases – follow the same process if you have a current album that you want added to our catalog.
This is not a highly formal, rigid review process, it’s more to give us an idea of what to write on the website when we officially release the album. If your band/release meets the criteria, you are more likely than not getting a number. If you cannot get a release-quality recording with your current set up, we will help you as best we can.

In return we ask you print the NR number on the spine of your album, and also include on the back and booklet:
NotRock Records,

We will come up with a numbering system for non-CD releases as needed.

Once we have five or six new releases we will likely put together a compilation. These generally sell for $1 or are included free with album purchases. A certain number will be given to bands to hand out free or sell at shows.

Pricing depends on the quality of the recording and packaging, as well as the number of songs. Currently we are committed to prices between $4-$10. For our current releases, prices were determined by taking the material cost per CD and adding $1-$2. This is because the final price includes postage for online orders. Many bands choose to donate any profits to NotRock as a whole to assist in funding compilations, studio time and web hosting due to the group effort of mass assembling and making CDs by hand. However, this is by no means necessary to be part of the collective.

If you would not personally pay for it, then your packaging probably needs work. Things that are frowned upon are one-sided copies, the cheap copy paper straight from the machine, and CDs labeled with marker. Contact us if you need help with design, screen printing or stenciling and we’ll help to the best of our ability. Inserts do not have to include lyrics, but should contain something of interest.

Once you have a number and your CD is available, orders will theoretically flood in to NotRock via mail. We will arrange how to handle this on an individual basis. Likely, we will collect the orders and money and get it to you, with your band shipping the CDs. Perhaps, depending on our cash flow, you can either front us the CDs and we will pay you after the sale, or we can pay you for 5-10 CDs at a time. If profits are going to NotRock, we will buy CDs up front at cost.

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