Thursday, January 10, 2008

News & Bands Update

The new site appears to be fully operational as of this morning (see first post for details). It's been slightly over a year since the last news update, and NotRock has had no releases in some time. This, however, does not mean operations have ceased. Being a collective, NotRock has no "roster" in the traditional sense. The roster is whoever is releasing something at present. Though there are currently a good number of past and new bands operating with NotRock associates, it remains to be seen which will release a record under our banner.

A round up of bands one should be aware of:
Annoying Customer - Reformed;
Jesse Chan: Active;
The Do Nothing Machine: Disbanded
Emphasis: Disbanded; (fan site?)
Feelwant: Disbanded
Feu de Joie: Disbanded;
Gingermurder: New Ralph project;
Graystone: In the ether;
Insouciant: Active;
Khantra: Indefinite hiatus; (fan site)
Letterbox: Disbanded;

And of course there's a few more that existed or do exist, with plans of recording ranging from none to in process.

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